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Dear Beltone,

I recently visited you hearing centre; this letter is to tell you how much I appreciated, like so many times before, the professional care I received from your qualified specialist, Tracey. I want to emphasize her warm personality, her patience and her understanding of my particular problems and the adroitness with which she solved them.

Edward J. Aucoin

I received my first hearing aid from Beltone in 1989 and I have been with them ever since. The staff’s professionalism, dedication and knowledge of the current technology have kept me coming back.

Beltone people truly care about your needs and they understand how much better it is for you when you can hear clearly in your day to day life. They are simply good, friendly people who know what they are doing. My friends say the same about them. I feel very well looked after and comfortable going there. The service at Beltone is unmatched. They are always there for you. They make you feel like family while they take care of your hearing needs.

Thank you Beltone for helping me hear!!!!!!!!

Jack Connors

This is what I have experienced in my ten years of Beltone service:

Beltone believes in total care, check-ups and follow-up.
Ever-ready to assist in unforeseen circumstances i.e. - loss/repair.
Leaves no stone unturned in hearing improvements.
Today’s advanced technologies are foremost.
Ongoing medical referral when required.
Nominal cost price-ups in today’s world markets.
Exemplifies compassion and concern for wellbeing which often lacks in today’s public services.

I recommend Beltone to all with hearing needs for quality service.

Betty V. Cox, CNA

Dear Beltone,

I have been a client of Beltone, New Glasgow for over twenty years and would like to convey my appreciation for the kind and professional care that I have received over that period. My visits to the centre have always been pleasant and helpful, and the staff has been friendly, courteous and prompt in every respect.

Roger Keizer

For over five years I struggled to hear my friends and family. When I attended social functions I couldn’t hear most of the conversations, so I would just sit and smile and not join in. When I talked on phone I couldn’t hear my own voice so I yelled, which made it hard for the person at the other end of the line to enjoy the conversation.

I love people, but when I tried to have a conversation every second word was ‘what?’. Eventually, it got so that I preferred to be alone.

My family tried to persuade me to have her hearing tested, but I was concerned about the cost. Finally, my daughter encouraged me to get a test and came along with me to the Beltone office in New Glasgow to ask questions about the procedure, cost, and so on.

Ian Muise conducted the hearing test and advised me on the best solution for my particular hearing loss. Once he told me that he was confident I would benefit from hearing aids, I could not wait to get them.

The only word I have for Ian is excellent! And I don’t give out compliments lightly! He is so good at his job and so great with people.

Now I can hear everything! And, my hearing aids fit so well I forget they are there!

I am so pleased. Now I don’t shut up. I’ve got my life back!

Peggy O’Brien


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