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Your hearing health is a critical piece to your overall health. Just as you make time for regular eye exams, blood pressure screenings and dental check-ups, it is important to schedule a regular hearing test (every 1-2 years).  Click HERE to take our Hearing Quiz.

FACT: Did you know that you should have a baseline hearing test      completed even if you do not suspect a hearing loss?  

A doctor’s referral is NOT needed for a hearing test.

How Do We Hear?

This short video will guide you through the process of hearing.


Hearing Loss: A decrease in your hearing range

There are different types of hearing loss.  Most commonly, hearing loss is a result of aging and noise exposure.  This type of hearing loss will commonly reduce the sensitivity in the high frequency sounds.   We rely on high frequency sounds for speech, because several key consonants fall in this range.

High Pitched Sounds Missing?

Consonants such as f, s, and t are often drowned out by louder consonants and vowels that fall in the lower frequency range.

 This is what makes hearing in noise so difficult.

Often low frequency sounds (which are more powerful) will mask, or cover up speech information, which falls in the higher frequency range.  Our brain actually works quite hard to decipher sounds, and even a slight reduction in hearing can make this a challenge.

A combination of hearing devices and communication strategies can make this easier for you.  In order to assess what could be suitable for you, the first step is to have your hearing tested.  Call us at 1-877-742-5141 for an appointment in your area, or click HERE on more information about hearing devices.

Communication Strategies

While hearing aids can help you hear better, it is always best to combine technology with communication strategies.  Read Dr. Lorenc’s article about her experience with identifying her patient’s unique hearing needs, and what communication strategies she finds are the most useful.  Click HERE for the article.


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