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Welcome to Beltone New Glasgow!

You’ve come to the right place. Beltone in Northern Nova Scotia has been dedicated to hearing health, providing state-of-the-art hearing device technology, and excellent patient care for over 45 years.  Our team of hearing professionals serves the counties of Pictou, Cumberland, Colchester, Antigonish, Guysborough and Cape Breton Island in the Province of Nova Scotia. Click HERE for our clinic calendar to find out when we will be in your area.

Our main office is in New Glasgow at 744 East River Rd., just down the street from the Aberdeen Hospital.  Click HERE for directions on how to find us, or call us at 1-877-742-5141 for more information.



Services we Provide

Hearing Testing- A comprehensive hearing test will assess your hearing range, detect changes in your hearing, and consider if any speech sounds fall outside of your hearing threshold.   Call us at 1-877-742-5141 to schedule a hearing test today.

FACT: Did you know that you should have a baseline hearing test completed even if you do not suspect a hearing loss?   A doctor’s referral is NOT needed for a hearing test.

Hearing Technology- A hearing device, such as hearing aids or a personal microphone system can greatly assist someone who wants to bring those missing sounds back into their hearing range.   There is a wide array of products that we carry that could be suitable for you. Click HERE to learn about hearing products available in our clinics.

Custom Earpieces- We work with a company specializing in custom ear pieces including hearing aid earmolds, swim plugs, hunter plugs, noise-filtered plugs, iPod molds, and various filtered musician plugs.

Our Doctor of Audiology also provides Tinnitus Testing, all initial Third-Party hearing evaluations for Workers Compensation, Veteran’s Affairs, and various programs including Community Services and the Work Program.   Dr. Lorenc is active in our community. Click HERE for more information about our Community Outreach.







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